Tuesday, October 31, 2017


02 Thu 10.15 A.M
Sheetal Parakh’s Residence
6 Tarapore Avenue, Harrington Road
(First left turn from the service road along the
subway) Chetpet,
 Chennai 600 031 
From the Garden to your Plate…
Eating doesn’t get any more local than your own backyard. Whether it’s for the love of gardening, love of the freshest produce, or economic thrift, more of us are looking to our yards as not only a source of beauty but as an important source of food.
Shefalii Dadabhoy, a true foodie and passionate home cook, is going to share her experience of creating an organic, edible garden. She understands the benefits of eating healthy and grows her own greens on her terrace. Her many travels around the world and her evolved palate make her cooking style very international, bringing variety of flavor combinations to the table.
She is going to demonstrate making delicious salads fresh from the garden along with interesting dressings to compliment them. She will also give us tips on which food combinations work best and how to get the most from
our garden!


07 Tue 04.00 P.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Material Memorabilia!
Despite being born into a family affected by the Divide, Aanchal Malhotra had thought little about the Partition – until she encountered objects that had once belonged to her ancestors in an Undivided India. A gaz, a ghara, a maang-tikka, a pocketknife, a peacock-shaped bracelet and a set of kitchen utensils: these were what accompanied her great-grandparents as they fled their homes and through them she learnt of their migration and life before the Divide. This led her to search for the belongings of other migrants to discover the stories hidden in them. That speak of their owners’ pasts and emerge as testaments to the struggle, sacrifice, pain and belonging at an unparalleled moment in history.
Written as a crossover  between history and anthropology,
 ‘Remnants of a Separation’ tells stories from both sides of the border and is the product of years of painstaking and passionate research. Join us in conversation with the author herself as she shares her journey with us.
Aanchal Malhotra is an artist and oral historian working with memory and material culture. She is the co-founder of the Museum of Material Memory, a digital repository of material culture from the Indian subcontinent, tracing family histories and social ethnography through heirlooms, collectibles and objects of antiquity. She currently lives in New Delhi and this is her first book.


9 Thu 04.00 P.M
K M College of Music and Technology
19, Vinayagapuram, 2nd Street
MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai 600 104
(Landmark - take the first left, a narrow street after the
Arumbakkam metro station)Music & Performing Arts
A Spiritual Musical Journey!
KM College of Music and Technology was set up by the Legendary A R Rahman with the aim of bringing up a whole generation of outstanding musicians. It also houses their philanthrophic initiative called the ‘Sunshine Orchestra’. It is making a positive impact in society as those chosen for the training are from the under privileged section of society.
Dr Adam Greig and Dr Jyoti Nair, the academic co-ordinators,will take us around the school , giving us a brief account of training that goes on there. At the Auditorium, the students will mesmerize us with a variety program of Sufi Qawwali, Russian Piano which is a combination of unusual warmth of sound and dazzling technique and a capsule of Hindustani Classical and Western Music .


14 Tue 04.00 PM
At Surekha Kothari’s Residence
‘The Art’, T3, 5th Floor
28 &29. Kothari Road (off Sterling Road)
Chennai 600 034 
To be a CEO someday…
Today we celebrate Children’s day! So it is fitting that our high-achieving, ambitious, aerospace engineering student is a young lady of 19! Anannya Parekh founded the Inner Goddess Academy at the age of 17! She leads a team of 25 young people who work towards enriching young women with skills thus enabling them to be at the forefront of leadership.
Besides public speaking and strategic thinking, she is a Kathak dancer,having given over 50 stage shows. She is an educator at Unacademy –India’s largest free online learning platform.With these skills and achievements, it is no wonder that Anannya was chosen to be the India representative at the (G)irls G20 Summit 2017 in Germany where there was 1 female delegate from each of the G20 nations. Business savvy and driven, Anannya’s ambition is to be CEO someday. She takes us through her journey, her experiences at the G20 summit, her goals and the lessons she has learnt on the way.


16 Thu 10.15 A.M
Forum Art Gallery
57, 5th Padmanabha Street
Adyar, Chennai 600 020
Do you have what it takes to become a cartoonist?
In this short morning session, Biswajit Balasubramanian, with 15 years experience in cartoon drawing and conducting numerous workshops, will lead you to understand and unearth your hidden cartooning skills through drawing games, speed drawing, and storytelling exercises. He will also highlight the basic foundations of the creative process from idea development to the finished cartoon.
And who knows…. at the end of the session, you may have even created a comic book!
Participants are requested to bring a drawing pad, black pen,pencil and eraser.



23 Thu 11.00 AM
Gurdwara Saheb
G N Chetty Road
T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017 
Gurdwara, the Sikh temple
‘Perhaps this sense of unity is the source of power I find in these volumes.
They speak to persons of any religion or of none. They speak for the
human heart and the searching mind.’- Mrs. Pearl S Buck Nobel Laureate on the English version of the Guru Granth Sahib
You would have often seen men in uniform, or people in your work place or fellow travellers wearing a Turban on their head, it is part of the five K’s that are not just symbols, but articles of faith that collectively form the external identity and the Khalsa devotee’s commitment to the Sikh Rehni (Sikh way of life).
To understand these concepts further we will visit the Gurdwara (abode of the Divine) and see what makes this community strong and vibrant. We will also experience a daily prayer service and share the experience of a Langar (temple community lunch).
The temple requires everyone to be seated on the floor in the Darbar Sahib (main prayer hall), however if you are unable to do so, we will make alternate seating available for you.t is mandatory for everyone to cover their heads inside a Gurdwara, so kindly bring a headscarf or dupatta for the same.
Please call Sheetal Parakh on 9840027222 / Ritu Sahi on 9382881478 for directions.


28 Tue 04.00 P.M
Express Avenue Mall
Gate 1, Patullos Road
Royapettah, Chennai 600 002
Mali - The pop star!
Mali aka Maalavika Manoj is a Mumbai based singer and songwriter,whose tunes capture the authenticity of classic Pop from the 1970s- 90s.Her debut ‘E P Rush’ embraces the kind of warm, raw, analog sounds that are rarely heard in contemporary pop today.
A storyteller as much as a musician, Mali’s songs are inspired by people,those who are close to her and those she encountered along the way.‘Dreamimg’ is a song about going through school life with ADHD,‘Changed Situations’ is about making and losing a friend and ‘Poor Girl’s Dream’ is about being the new kid on block in a big city like Mumbai.
She is also a playback singer for Tamil films, with contributions to soundtracks such Haris Jayaraj’s ‘Iru Mugan’ and Anirudh Ravichander’s ‘Vivegam’ and ‘Onnume Aagale’.Mali is the talented grand daughter of our member Beena Ram Mohan.


Sprinkled with architecturally celebrated temples, consecrated shrines and regal monuments, Odisha is among India’s hidden cultural treasures.
Bhubaneswar, the city of temples beckons through the brilliance and magnetism of ancient Kalinga age temples.The Jagannath Temple dominates the landscape around Puri and is famous for its annual RathYatra; the beach here conjures beautiful views of the sunrise and the shallow water allows walking up to a very large distance. Konark - Sun Temple, now a UNESCO heritage site, is an architectural marvel.
Come, unravel the hidden!
Friday, 2nd February 2018 – Arrive in Bhubaneswar for an overnight stay.On your arrival at the Biju Patnaik airport check into your hotel and relax.Later, venture on a private guided tour of Lingaraj Temple dedicated to Lord Harihara, a combination of Shiva & Vishnu and whose sprawling complex comprises of 64 smaller shrines followed by a visit to the small and compact Mukteshwar Temple renowned for its imposing ceiling that is adorned with an eight petal lotus in the porch and with sculptures & images of figures of ascetics & yogis in different meditation poses.
Saturday, 3rd February 2018 – Bhubaneswar to Puri - Following breakfast, check out and be taken on a guided tour of the cave complex of Udayagiri and Khandagiri dating back to 2nd century BC and once the home of Jain ascetics, complete with paintings and illustrations. Later make a stop at Dhauli which was the battlefield of the Kalinga War and has a grand peace pagoda.
Reach Puri by road (around 60kms) where on arrival by the afternoon,check into the hotel and relax. Later, be taken on a cycle rickshaw tour around Puri allowing you to take in its rich heritage in a relaxed and personalized manner.
The rickshaw tour is an award winning initiative by a local volunteer group to revive this non polluting mode of transport besides ensuring economy for the rickshaw pullers whose livelihood was once at stake. Over the close to three hour guided tour, cover some of the city’s prime sights including the 12th century built Jagannath Temple, the tallest temple in the state standing at 65m high crowned by the wheel of Vishnu and a flag. The temple complex also comprises of 30 smaller shrines besides the 16 pillared Nata Mandir (Dance Hall) and Bhoga Mandir (Hall of offerings). The tour will also cover Shankara and Haridas Math, Gambhira where the spiritual teacher Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu lived anda few other holy tanks.
Sunday, 4th February 2018 - Puri – Konark - Puri After breakfast,be taken to visit the heritage site of Konark (around 32 kms) along the Puri-Konark marine drive featured amongst the top 50 roads to traverse in India. Once at Konark, visit the 13th century built Sun Temple admiring the intricate carvings on its walls.
Return to Puri by the afternoon and relax.
Next, go on a visit to the artistic village of Raghurajpur (around 14kms from Puri) renowned for Pattachitra which is a traditional form of painting and other crafts such as palm leaf inscriptions, stone and wood carvings, paper mache, mural painting, wooden and cow dung toys,appliqué and terracotta works.You will also be treated to an exclusive Gotipua dance performance in the adjacent Gurukul Academy executed by a group of boys who perform acrobatic figures inspired by the life of Radha and Krishna.
Monday, 5th February 2018 – Puri – Chilka – Puri Depart to Satpada (around 50 kms from Puri) to embark on a close to a 3 hour boat ride on the Chilka Lake to watch dolphins including stops at the island of Kalijai housing a temple of Mother Kali and passing by the island of Nalabana declared a restricted bird sanctuary famous for
migratory birds such as flamingos, herons and storks.
Return to Puri by late afternoon and spend the evening at leisure.
Tuesday, 6th February 2018 – Puri - Pipli - Bhubaneswar
Following breakfast, check out and be transferred to Bhubaneswar with an en route stop at the village of Pipli famous for its appliqué art work flaunted across the several shops sellin g appliquéd handbags, bed sheets, wall hangings, purses and canopies.
Arrive at Bhubaneswar in time to board your return flight home.
Departure : 2nd February 2018 from Chennai
Arrival : 6th Febraury 2018
Cost : Approximately Rs 58,000/-
Last day to warn in – 30th November 2017
LAKSHMI MENON                                                   RIGMOR EKSTRAND

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

International Music Day

 03  Tue 10.15 A.M
Sagari, My Fortune
10 Cathedral Road
Chennai 600 086
 International Music Day
Every year on October 1st, IWA celebrates International Music Day, which  is also the  birthday of our Founder Member Nirmal Seshadri, who  was passionate about music and performing arts. Remembering her love for music, her family has instituted an award to be given to a young and talented musician every year. 
This year, due to public holidays, our Music Day is being held on October 3rd.
Our Music Committee comprising of Javanthi Singaram(Chairperson), Latha Baratan, Pushpa Lakshman and Amulya Rao, after diligently reviewing the performances of all the candidates, has selected Karthik Iyer, an exponent of Carnatic and Hindustani music, as this year’s winner. The young artist will be honoured by IWA and he will give us a brief recital.
We invite you to join in the celebration and encourage this year’s talented winner.
This is a members only meeting.


05 Thu  10.15 A.M
Sagari, My Fortune
10 Cathedral Road
Chennai 600 086
Enchanting Glimpses of South Korea
Korea, an ancient civilization, with dynasties dating back to 8000 BC,overcame the trauma of decades of invasions and a crippling civil war,to emerge as the fifth largest economy in the world. In 1945, Korea was divided into North Korea and the Republic of South Korea.
South Korea, a vibrant country with a character that is entirely unique, is culturally rich in arts, crafts and traditions that have existed for several centuries and continue to play an important role in itscu lture today.
We invite you to join us for a morning of enchanting glimpses into this fascinating country, including a tea ceremony, a Fashion show of  the traditional costume of Korea, the Hanbok, an Arts and Crafts display and a surprise performance as a fitting finale to this wonderful intercultural occasion. Join us in discovering and enjoying the beauty of The Republic of South Korea.


09 Mon 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Eat well, look Gorgeous!
“Is it possible to look and feel great despite the pulls and pressures of one’s everyday routine? Can this process be so much fun that one craves it?” These and many more interesting topics will be discussed in a conversation with Shvetha Jaishankerformer model, Miss India International winner and  a published author.
Shvetha will demystify what it takes to be fit and beautiful by embracing a way of life that includes delicious food, achievable fitness mantras and fun. She will also share inside stories from the fashion world based on her experiences as a model for India’s top designers. Her nationally successful book ‘Gorgeous’ is a collection of recipes, inspirational and beautiful images from the lives and kitchens of India’stop models.                                


12 Thu 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road                     
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Girl With The Backpack!
‘My name is Vasundara, I woke up one morning and was determined it was time to change my life before it entirely passed me by. I had never done anything out of the ordinary and decided that it was time I created some life changing memories. So I packed my bags and took off to South America by myself on a backpacking holiday. Join me & my best friend Rohini Chandrakumar ,while we discuss my  adventure, things that I learnt and how solo travel changed me’.
Vasundara Devi Gohil has worked in the corporate sales and marketing field for the last 15 years. When she could find the time she always went on active holidays like trekking, bicycling and skiing. After returning from South America one month ago, she is already ready to set off on her next adventure to Indonesia.
Incidentally, Vasundara & Rohini are the daughters of our members  Vidya Singh & Usha Chandrakumar


13 Fri 04.00 PM
Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar Centre
75/2, Santhome High Road
M.R.C. Nagar, R.A. Puram
Chennai 600 028
Deepavali is a harbinger of hope and inspires us to light a lamp to dispel darkness. It is not just about outer illumination, but the inner light that is the core of every one of us, the awakening of our inner self to peace, universal compassion, love and awareness of oneness in everything.
Do join us for IWA’s Deepavali celebration and enjoy an evening of fun, festive shopping and mouth-watering High Tea. We also have our ever popular Khazana stall. So grab your seats early for a wonderful entertainment programme which starts at 5 pm to be followed by a sumptuous High Tea. We look forward to seeing you dressed in your festive splendor and be a part of Navdeep.
Tickets for members and guests are priced at Rs. 500 and will be available with the Management Committee members and Activity Chairpersons. Please remember that this event is open to all and so we look forward to having you there with your friends and family.


24 Tue 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
What happens when we die?
Though nobody can answer this question with certainty, many have strong opinions: heaven, reincarnation, purgatory, pits of fire or perhaps nothing at all.A select few shape their opinions based on their astounding and unique near-death experience. After being on the brink of death and then resurrected from its grip, these individuals come back with amazing stories of what may await us all on “the other side” of this earthly realm.            
Our renowned speaker and author, Dr. Gopalakrishnan, is the convener for the Chennai Chapter President of the Near Death Experiences Organization. In this presentation, he shares these fascinating NDEs of others and what he’s learned in collating these extraordinary accounts.


26 Thu 04.00 PM
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
Gita Govinda of Jayadeva
Gita Govinda is a composition of the12th century poet Jayadeva. It is the earliest Sanskrit work popularly known as shtapadi which elaborates the eight moods of the heroine, the Ashtanaika. This has been an inspiration for many composition and choreographic works in Indian classical dance.
Dr. Sharda Narayanan and Dr. Sujatha Mohan have authored the book ‘Gita Govinda of Jayadeva’. The modern Indian society is losing the grasp of the Sanskrit language, so the authors have taken up upon themselves to present the text of Jayadeva in the simplest way possible in 5 chapters. The essence of this text hovers around singara.The authors elucidate the nayak and nayika bhedas. The authors’effort in presenting the treasure trove for easy rendering of verses is a ready reckoner for artists and art lovers in understanding various abhinaya particularly ‘madhur bhakti’ .
Dr.Shruti Jauhari is a rare blend of musician, performing artist,historian, teacher, author and guru. Her voice has been a regular at All India Radio, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Chennai centres. Her passion for Hindustani music has taken her across the globe. She will be rendering her beautiful voice to enliven the verses.


31Tue 10.15 A.M
The Folly, Amethyst
Whites Road
Next to Corporation Bank
Royapettah, Chennai 600 014
The recent India- China stand off!
Lt Gen SL Narasimhan, PVSM, AVSM**, VSM is an Infantry Officer commissioned in 1977. It’s not often that one has the privilege of interacting with a senior army officer of his experience.
The General has vast experience in Counter Insurgency Operations.An experienced officer with various high profile commands, staff and  instructional appointments. He saw action in Sri Lanka in 1987; commanded a battalion in Counter Insurgency Operations in Manipur;
trained soldiers in Jungle Warfare including a team in Bhutan; a Brigade and Division in a sensitive High Altitude Area on the Line of Actual Control with China, and also commanded the largest Corps of the Indian Army in the North East.He served as Defence Attaché in the Embassy of India in Beijing and is
fluent in the Chinese Language, was Deputy Director General, Military  Intelligence of the North East Region. He retired in 2016 after a successful stint as Commandant, Army War College. He has written many articles in various journals and magazines and is at present a member of the National Security Advisory Board.